VISA Credit Cards

Other institutions & card companies try to lure you in with rewards points & introductory rates. BOND  VISA© Credit Cards reward you tangibly from day one.

VISA provides the security & convenience; BOND provides the excellent terms, rates & service that could only come from your local credit union. What makes our VISA Credit Card so special? We don't frill it up with "rewards" that encourage you to rack up debt, and we don't bog down our card with service fees & variable interest rates. Your rate stays the same, regardless of your credit or your account activity. 

VISA Gold:

Non-variable APR* 9.99%
Credit Limit up to $20,000

VISA Classic:

Non-variable APR* 12.00%
Credit Limit up to $10,000

Benefits of our VISA Credit Card:

  • NON-VARIABLE APR* (no interest rate change)

  • No Penalty Rate Hikes

  • No Annual Fees

  • No Inactivity Fees

  • No Cash Advance Fees

  • No Cash Advance Additional Interest Charge

  • 25-Day Grace Period on all Purchases

  • 2-Day Grace Period on Payment Due Date

We also offer 0% APR* (up to 12 mo) on balance transfers with a small 2% transfer fee. 

When to use a credit card instead of a debit card

Fraudulent credit card transactions are typically much easier & quicker to resolve, with far less liability put on the consumer, than fraudulent debit card transactions. Unauthorized checking account activity affects the money you actually have; depending on the length of time it takes to report these charges, reimbursement (if applicable) may occur after actual authorized charges have been rejected due to insufficient funds as a result of fraud. VISA Debit Cards also don't offer as high a level of purchase & travel protection as VISA Credit Cards.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't have or use a VISA Debit Card; on the contrary. Use it to pay for everyday purchases, tangible goods, dining, etc. But when making larger purchases, buying online, or - especially - when travelling, try to use your VISA Credit Card instead. Remember: credit card fraud resolution is typically quick & easy.