Savings Accounts

Our savings accounts are easy to open, access, and manage. All savings accounts earn interest called dividends [Rates] and are insured up to $250,000 through NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration.

This is the primary savings account we open for you when you join BOND Community FCU. All members must keep $50 in this account at all times. This amount is equal to one "share" in the credit union; remember, you're not a customer here - you're an owner!

Essentially the same as a share savings account, it's only $25 to open and required for all account-holders under the legal adulthood age of 18. BONUS: if the child is under a year old, we'll actually put the required $25 in the account for you!

These are extra places to stash money away for upcoming trips, purchases, or events. No minimum deposit or balance is required.

Available at competitive rates, a CD is a special account that typically earns higher interest rates than regular savings accounts by "locking" funds away for a period of time. Minimum deposit to open one is $500, and terms are as short as 6 months. *Not available at this time.

An IRA is a special account designation with certain tax benefits as defined by the IRS (click here for more information). We offer Roth and Traditional IRA accounts; either type can be opened with a minimum $25 deposit into an IRA Savings Account or with a minimum $500 deposit into an IRA Certificate of Deposit*.