Big Bank "I wanna know..." Credit Union
Private investors, share holders, & stock holders, none of whom are necessarily customers of the bank. who owns it? All members with funds on deposit in the credit union, and who actively use the credit union’s services.
Maximum profitability; banks have led in yearly profits for years, sharing the top spots with the oil industry. what’s its motive? Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service. That's actually the recognized credit union credo. Sums it up nicely.
Yes, up to $250000 per account, by FDIC, a federal agency enacted in 1933 to regulate & insure banks is it insured? Yes, up to $250000 per account, by NCUA, a federal agency enacted in 1934 to regulate & insure credit unions.
FDIC uses tax money to cover bank losses; in fact, billions of tax dollars have been used by FDIC since its inception does it affect the taxpayer? NCUA never uses tax money to cover losses; credit unions fund their own insurance, costing taxpayers nothing.
A paid governing body that oversees banking operations. Board members are appointed by investors and are often rewarded for maximizing proft. They can hire &: fire the President/CEO. what is its Board of Directors? A volunteer unpaid governing body elected from amongst the membership by the very members they serve; it sets policies, oversees operations, and looks after the credit union and its members.