Our Story

We've served L5P and our bordering communities since 1972. Many people are unaware that our neighborhood once struggled with quite a bit of turmoil.

Little Five Points (originally called the "Bass" district) was officially established at the end of the 19th century as a popular commercial district. The surrounding neighborhoods were quite affluent during the early 20th Century, especially Inman Park; with luxurious homes and close proximity to town, people flocked to buy property here.

However, after the Great Depression, the community went through a steady decline in home ownership and quality of life; by 1965, it had all but fallen into urban decay. Violent thugs, drug dealers, and slumlords were actively destroying what was once a well-respected part of Atlanta. City officials were also trying to rezone and demolish as much of the area as they could, and it didn't help that all the banks nearby were focused on profits and wouldn't give mortgage loans to locals.

In 1970, the local citizens decided they’d had enough. They formed coalitions, acquired funding, organized demonstrations, and united for a common cause: to take the neighborhood back. These folks knew that buying property and opening businesses would help make this area a great place to live again. One such group was named the Bass Organization for Neighborhood Development - or “BOND” for short. They had a bright idea: if banks wouldn't lend to locals to buy their own homes, they’d form their own financial institution. Word spread quickly…

BOND Community Federal Credit Union was officially chartered in 1972 as a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution. It had taken over two years of tenacity and a $2500 loan from the local Mennonite Church to convince NCUA (National Credit Union Administration, our federal regulatory agency) of its worth. BOND's first "office" was a humble kitchen in a neighbor’s home; our founders actually sold peaches in the streets of Atlanta to pay the first year’s dividends on members’ deposits. Though it took a few more years to progress, BOND Community FCU eventually developed well beyond its original purpose of providing neighborhood denizens with savings accounts and mortgages.

We are now almost 5,000 members strong with approximately $40 million in assets, and we've lent out over $160 million dollars since our inception. We've expanded our coverage to over a dozen unique Atlanta neighborhoods as a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), supporting local initiatives such as events/festivals, in-school banking, funding drives & donations, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Miracle Network, and more.

Our loan portfolio now includes auto, personal & secured loans, plus our own no-bull credit cards. We offer personal & business checking accounts, and we take great pride in delivering free certified financial counseling. Our members also enjoy unprecedented account access on par with big, national banks with online banking, mobile banking, 5,000+ branches (called “Shared Service Centers”) and over 25,000 free ATMs worldwide.

You want to bank with a distinctive institution that has as much character as you do, offers 24/7 service every day of the year, and also cares about you and your community. That's how we began, and that's who we remain.